IB – Ref Program

What is PrimeX IB Program:

PrimeX IB Program is a unique partner system develops by PrimeX teams. This IB system has multilevel commission calculation. This system is created so the clients will be able to focus on his/her trading activity without worrying about how to expand the IB group to earn huge commission. The IB commission will automatically grow in the long run because it has Primex Monthly Commission and Group Commission.

Every PrimeX client who registers an account with us will automatically receive an IB link.
Example of the link: http://www.primextrader.com/?r=xxxx

Where xxxx will be a client User ID.
This link will be available in a IB Program Section.

What Will PrimeX IB Program gets :

  • Enjoy Monthly Commission and Group Commision
  • Total commission of 80%
  • Monitoring of attracted IBs in the IB Program Section
  • No need to register for IB, every client will automatically receive IB link.
  • 24hours support concerning PrimeX IB Partnership.
  • No expiration date of IB account, once you have been register to PrimeX , your account will be accessible anytime with no expiration period, even if you didn’t log in to your account in several years.
  • For more information of the IB Program benefit, kindly contact your immediate superior or local service office or email to [email protected]

    IB Program Registration


    Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)

    IB Program Authorization and Risk Disclosure

    All customer who designate an Authorized Trading Agent, defined as any person other than Customer, who is given the ability to control, manage or direct trading decisions in the Account ( as defined below), must read and agree to the following document by signing and dating before Authorization will be granted by PrimeX Internatinal Corp Ltd.
    The undersigned Customer(s) authorizes:

    I designate trading Agent PrimeX Internatinal Corp Ltd Trader as Agent and attorney-in-fact for the purpose of buying and selling margined foreign currency, CFD, Precious Metals and Commodity lots for the undersigned Customer’s Account, and at the customer’s sole risk though PrimeX Internatinal Corp Ltd.

    Customer acknowledges and understands that trading in margined foreign exchange, CFD, Precious Metal and Commodity is very risky and may result in losses that equal to the amount of margin deposited in IB Program with PrimeX Internatinal Corp Ltd. Customer acknowledges that neither PrimeX Internatinal Corp Ltd nor any Trading can guarantee profit or avoid the risk of loss or, under some circumstances. Customer acknowledged that the investment project yells is not fix return to client monthly. But commission overriding when investors introduce any further investors.

    By click this Limited power of Attorney, the Customer acknowledges that Customer has carefully read, understand and agree to the Limited power of Attorney, Managed Account Authorization document and provisions contained therein.

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